Why we need you?

Artificial intelligence is able to find patterns in images, sometimes surpassing the ability of humans. It does require a large amount of data so that artificial neural networks are able to make semantic inferences from the images.

If you are the guardian of a child with infantile hemangioma, consider sharing photographs of the evolution of the hemangioma. All data is anonymous. Any faces in the image are eliminated before being processed by the model or shared with other researchers.

How may I help?

  1. You may post old pictures you have of your child.
  2. You may post monthly pictures representing the progress of the hemangioma.

If your children is currently with the hemangioma, please take pictures regularily (monthly is fine) by placing a coin next to the hemangioma. That way, we will be able to infer the real size of the hemangioma.

If you only have old photographs or are unable to do this, do not worry. Just post any pictures you do have.

Use a coin representing 1 unit. 1€ (Euro zone); $1 (USA/Canada/Australia); R$1 Real (Brazil); etc. Place the number in the coin upwards. If your country does not have 1 unit coins, use the biggest coin from your country. We automatically update our database when we find an unknown country.

Information about the Parent or Guardian

Information about the Child